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A New Song for Lex

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

3rd Graders took action on their IB unit and wrote a Lexington School Anthem.

Mrs. Hawke's 3rd Grade Class students took action to write a school anthem for Lex. The class debuted the song at flag salute on Monday. They made lyric posters to hold up during the performance so the whole school was able to sing along.

The 3rd graders' IB transdiciplinary theme was “People create music as a form of cultural expression”.

They titled the anthem Oh, Lex. It is sung to the tune of "This Land is Your Land."

Oh, Lex

Oh, Lex is you school

and Lex is my school

In the Santa Cruz Mountains

with the beautiful wildlife

The fearsome wildcat

is our mascot

An IB school that's made for you and me



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