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Mason Bee's Take Residence at Lex!

Lex Parents, Adrienne Cox and Lisa Marazzo Keller showed students the new Mason Bee house today during lunch. Adrienne taught the students about bees, the process and then she released the bee's larva in the house so they would "nest" in the tubes. The process is: Egg, larva and then they pupate into a cocoon (at Lex!) and emerge as adult bees for the Lex Garden.

You'll also see some photos of the kids working on the school's garden. Pop in at pick up and ask your kids to show you what's happening in the garden, aka Lexington's Life Lab!

FYI: Mason Bees, are non-aggressive bees that live in solitary nesting tubes. They are smaller than honeybees and do not live in hives. They are excellent pollinators, demonstrating 95% pollination success compared to honey bees, which typically pollinate about 5% of the flowers they visit in a day.

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Oct 02, 2021

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