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Science Fair 


Welcome to the Lexington Science Fair!

​What is it?

​The Lexington Science Fair is an event designed to foster students’ curiosity and excitement for the sciences while learning about experimentation and discovery through the Scientific Method. As students engage in demonstrating a deeper understanding of their science units, they will also be demonstrating their development of the attributes of the IB learner profile.


Who can participate?

All students from grades K-5 are free to participate, either individually or in teams of 2-5. Class projects are allowed and up to individual teacher's discretion.

Where/When will it take place?

The Science Fair is held at the Lexington MPR usually in the winter or spring months. Registration Deadline: TBA

Are there judges and awards?

This is a no-pressure science fair. It's all about being creative learners and inquirers and having fun with science!


What are the costs?

None to participate! Families will be responsible for project supplies. HSC will be providing free project display boards for those who choose to utilize them. Financial assistance for project supplies and materials may also be available upon request.



In line with our IB unit in collaborative teamwork, partner or group projects (up to 4 students total) are highly encouraged. Individual projects are also allowed.

Showcases will be held in the Lexington Elementary MPR. 


All planning, research and presentations displays must be done by the students at recess, lunch or during non-school hours.


The Science Fair Showcase Exhibits will be open to family and friends from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on January 30, 2019


Getting Started


Step 1: Decide if you want to do the science project yourself or with a group of friends. (You can have up to 4 students per group; preferably from the same grade level.)

Step 2: Think of an idea or formulate a question.  


Step 3: Do some preliminary research and create a hypothesis. See the Scientific Method guidelines. 


Step 4: Create your Science Fair Project Proposal. (ONLINE SUBMISSION SITE NOT READY YET.) You may also pick up a paper proposal from the office. Please turn in paper proposal to the office by the deadline.


Step 5: Pick up your display board from the office after DATE TBA if you'd like to use one.


Step 6: Complete your research and make a conclusion.


Step 7: Create an exhibit display of your project. Adhere to the project rules agreed upon in the Science Fair Project Proposal. 


Step 8: Exhibit your work!


NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS OF THE SCIENCE FAIRS: During the registration process, students will be asked to acknowledge and accept the Science Fair Rules designed to prevent unsafe project exhibits. If the submitted proposal does not adhere to the guidelines, they will be advised to adjust accordingly for safety.


For questions, please contact: The Science Fair Chairs


We need volunteers so please check here for volunteer opportunities, ie.:

  • Review proposals from the comfort of your own home (1 hr)

  • Help with set-up/clean-up on 1-2 evenings of the science fair (1-2 hrs)

  • Guide students to their assigned tables for setup (30 min)


Thank you!


Organized by the Science Fair Chair: TBA

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